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About Little Lambs

Nursery and Preschool

We are a Nursery and Preschool setting that opens from 8 am until 6pm, offering care for children from 3 months to 11 years. We take the older children to school in the morning and collect them in the afternoon. We also run a Holiday Club for the older children and offer Inset Day cover when numbers allow.

We believe that children learn best when engaged in self chosen activities with the freedom to collect and use resources to enhance their play. Staff will observe play closely and where possible find resources they think will help the children, leaving them for the children to discover. Other times they will encourage children to think about what they need and where it might come from.

Children are given opportunities to go out into the garden and use resources like the walk-in sand pit and mud kitchen to make their discoveries, our bug area is a firm favourite with the children. As is the water butt, providing a constant flow of clean water for the children to mix with the mud.

Physical activity should form a large part of a child's play and we encourage this with a large climbing frame, and other equipment such as bats, balls, balance beams and trundles (both inside and out).

We have a large main playroom with a smaller quiet room and bedroom space. We have 2 toilets with changing facilities within our complex, which is secured at both ends with a bolt lock and visitors are requested to ring the bell for entry.

We have ample parking space and space to leave buggies.

Our Groups

Our preschool program has four dedicated classes
Nursery offering child care for children from 3 months to 11 years. Term time and holidays 8 am until 6 pm. Full or part days

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Our Activities

Feel free to explore our core skills
  • Loose Parts
    This is a whole cupboard devoted to items the children can use for role play or to enhance any other area of the playroom. It contains boxes, den building equipment, tape measures, pegs, dressing up clothes, blocks of wood and much, much more. This walk-in cupboard is a new addition to the Nursery and is much loved by all ages. The children have free access to the equipment and can use it as they wish for open ended play. This is play the children decide upon and remain in control of until they decide they are finished with it. It could take the form of building a den, making a car or a castle, using blocks to make a road, the possibilities are only limited by the child’s imagination.
  • Opportunities to be physical
    In addition to using equipment like the large climbing frame, balancing beams, bats, balls, hoops, stepping stones, ropes, trundles and skate boards, the children will also be offered activities like yoga, ball skills and "let’s get physical" sessions where they can work in larger groups to develop skills such as balancing, co-ordination and different ways of moving their bodies. Music and stories also play a big part in these activities which could take place either inside or out.
  • Stories, singing and phonics
    The children will be introduced to phonics (Stage 1) which includes lots of singing, opportunities to make and listen to sounds and rhythms using a variety of instruments, listen to each other with opportunities to talk, listen to stories from books and told from memory or from a CD. Singing may take place in the music corner or spontaneously as the children ride on a bus they have made from chairs or boxes. They may be encouraged by an adult to choose songs from the Song Board, or use it spontaneously sitting in small groups singing to themselves. Stories are usually read on demand to very small groups of children both in the main playroom, the quiet room or in the garden. Sometimes the stories will be chosen by the children and others will be chosen by the adult.
  • Feelings Area
    We believe that children need to feel comfortable and settled, in order to thrive. We have a designated area where the children can go to explore their feelings, using pictures, story cards, books, puppets and a variety of hats. We help the children to understand the meaning behind feeling sorry or upset and to look out for each other and offer help when needed.

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  • Address

    Jubilee Community Centre
    Charlwoods Road,
    East Grinstead, West Sussex,
    RH19 2HL

  • Phone & E-mail

    Phone: 07495 036319

  • Business Hours

    Monday – Friday
    8.00 am – 6.00 pm
    Weekend Closed